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Truck Wash Prices

 $65   Tractor Only 
$105  Tractor + Van Trailer 
$70   Van Trailer Only 
$55   Standard Washout (Van/Refer) 
$100  Extreme Washout 

(Excessive Debris, Bio-Hazards or Pre cleaning needed)
 $80    Tanker Trailer Only
$115  Tanker + Tractor 
$90   Flatbed + Tractor
$75   Straight Truck (Box Truck)
$75   Pickup Truck + Trailer (or Tow truck)
$80   Garbage Truck Standard
$65   Gravel Train
(Per 1 Trailer/ Outside)
 $90   Hopper Washout (Per hopper inside only)
$70   Large Ag Tractior
$55   Small Ag Tractor
$255  Cattle Trailer Washout
$405  Cattle Trailer  XTREME Washout
$120   Race car trailer & Truck
$60    Full Size Pickup (or Cargo Van)
$30    Small Transit Van
$40    Personal Vehicle (Small Enclosed Trailer)
$300  Waste Recovery Transport 
(Exterior Only, Price includes Bay Cleanup fee)

 $70  Small Boat Exterior (Under 24 ft)
$85  Large Boat Exterior (24ft & Over)
$95   Camper (Exterior) 
$105  Large Motor-home (or Bus)
$40    Motor-home Roof only (or Bus)
  • Dirt Melting Foam Soap
  • Hand Brushing
  • Pre-Rinse
  • High Power Rinse Arch
WASHOUTS- High-pressure Rinse
(soaps optional for additional cost)
Common questions answered:


Bay Clean up fee:

Issued for excessive debris, fluids, or biohazards left behind requiring staff to clean or sanitize bay after service is completed.

Acid Brightener:

Brightens Aluminum, Not for use

on Mirror Polished Metals.

Bug Soaker:

Dissolves Proteins left behind from

Bugs and over splash on Tankers.

Due to High output: 

Rinse Arch is not used on Motorhomes,

Passenger vehicles or Newly Painted items.

 +$60  Acid Brightener for Washout
+$35  Citric Bug Soaker-Truck
(Grille, mirrors, bumper)
 +$25  Citric Bug Soaker-Tanker (Nose & Fill Stains)
 +$40  Acid Brightener Truck (Accents Only)
 +$40  Acid Brightener Van Trailer (Accents/ Skirting)
 +$50 Acid Brightener (Flat bed/ Gravel Train /Tanker)
 +$50Bay Clean Up
(Excessive Mud/ Debris/ Bio-Hazard)
 +$100  Mold/Mildew Removal
+$35  Engine Degreaser
+$15  Trailer Deodorizer
  $35  Roof Rinse Only
(Snow Blaster Rinse)
 $40 Rinse Cycle Only
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